The Google Master Is In

WHO's your team's Digital/Google Expert?

Who on your team is constantly looking for new tools to use that keeps you and your team on track, productive and current with the latest digital work trends? I'm guessing if you can't think of a name, no one has the job. Well good news! You've got a Google Master now!

What can a Google Master do?

Google Services Optimization are the bread & butter of what I do. I know WAY too much about Google Workspace as well as ALL Google Apps. Let me show you how that G can help.

Manual data input can be a slog. Save time and money by automating the easy things. Client/Contractor On-boarding, Monthly tasks like Newsletters, emails and more!

Where there's a will, there's a way. But are you using everything to the best of it's abilities? Could things run smoother? I bet you they could and I can help you find out how!

Sometimes you just need an expert to ask an opinion or to give a task to someone that will home-run the project at hand. Who needs a Virtual Assistant when you can have a Digital Concierge that will go above and beyond for any request?

✨Glowing Reviews✨

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Don't take my word for it!

Holy Introductions Batman!

Tell me about you and your business!

  • Do you have or currently use Google Workspace (Gsuite)

  • What are some of your digital needs right now?

  • What are some of your future digital goals?

  • Are you paying for "unnecessary" services? (Zoom/Trello/Asana/Monday?)

Meet in person?

..??... (eh, maybe soon?)

Spark is safe, clean and sterilized regularly, masks are required and available at the door, ready for when client meetings can resume!

Drake Austin Consulting is a proud member of Spark Commons Co-working space

Located@ : 258 4th St, Bremerton, Washington 98337, United States

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