Drake with Pat Carroll (Ursula the Sea Witch)

A little about me

I'm 33 year old Leo who was born in Anchorage Alaska, then I moved to Titusville Florida where I grew up in my formative years. As an adult I made the move back to the PNW, finding Bremerton as my new home.

Some fun facts

  • I'm an award winning vocalist & actor

  • I spent a stint as a psychic phone operator

  • I've Dungeon Mastered D&D games for NYT Bestselling authors

  • I'm a gigantic nerd

  • I'm a registered beta tester for over 15 Google Apps

  • I still have the original Google account that I started in high school (2003).

Starting with Google Maps to see my parents house from space and a basic Gmail, that seed has grown into a profession. I don't just "know" about Google, I know everything, and then some.

"Never do what you're good at, for free!"

So I started a business helping people understand that little G in their lives!

I"m Drake, the Google Master. What can I do for you today?

✨Glowing Reviews✨

Pancake Digital Solutions - Drake Austin Consulting Review .mp4

Let's grab some coffee

Maybe you just wanna get to know me? Or need to find out who this Google Master really is! Either way I'm always happy to sit down in a no sale environment and just get to know one another! Meeting & connecting with new people is one of the greatest joys in this world. So drop me a line and let's chat!