Out of the Suite, comes the Workspace

A new platform that enables the tools we’ve used every day for the last 10 years to do so much more.

Your Google Workspace is no longer a simple “suite of tools”.

Instead, Workspace is a vibrant work platform meticulously designed to work seamlessly with the rest of the Google family of apps and services..

Google Workplace is a richly featured platform, and I strive to help your team get the most value out of your subscription.

I offer an array of services to help you leverage these great tools, including:

Hi, I’m Drake, The Google Master. I’ve been deeply learning and leveraging Google’s wide selection of products and services for over 10 years. I hold multiple certifications that help me help small business owners and teams tap into the power and opportunities within Google Workspace. Whether you just need to fill a few gaps or need to start from scratch, I design and implement a project to get your Google Workspace working the way you want and need to gain maximum business efficiency and value.

Google has one of the biggest Digital Toolboxes in the market -- are you using it to reach your maximum business potential?

Let's chat! Grab a meeting and lets get to know one another!

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If you are finding yourself a fan or want to nerd out on all things Google, I have a blog and many mailing lists -- both are great ways to keep up on what’s new!

Monthly Google AMA!

You can always catch me at my monthly Google Master AMA.s. The AMA is a 10-15min presentation on a Google app feature or function, providing [Master Tips], then an open floor Q&A if you have any questions about that app in particular.

It’s every month, always remote and audio only (on your part), you don’t have to be on cam or anything!