But let's be real, you are invested in Google Workplace, but who is your team's Google Specialist?

Or at least a go-to for solutions to your digital ails?

Okay, ya got me, I can’t think of anyone, but a Google specialist? Really?

Specialist sure, post- Pandemic plenty of people have shown up to "show you the latest in Google goodness", but I’m a Master. I’ve been at this with drive and passion for over 10 years, going as far as starting this business dedicated to using that passion to solve your business hassles. So yes, a Master. A Google Master! I didn’t just hop onto this boat, I’ve been at helm navigating the Google waters for years, and am excited to use and share that expertise with you!

It’s not breaking news that the world of work has changed lately. With the ripples still radiating from the abrupt shift to fully remote work, every digital tool we’ve used and loved over the last decade as part of Google G-Suite has been drastically changed in the shift to Google Workspace. Everything from functionality, support, service names, even the app icons! It’s a lot of change.

Between life and work, you shouldn’t have to worry about the latest update notes and feature spotlight showcases. What’s Google Workspace? What happened to G-Suite? Why does Gmail look so different? What’s with the new yellow tag I see in my Gmail all the time? What happened to Hangouts?

Valid questions you’ve probably wondered but never had time to ask. I make it my business to research every painstaking answer to those questions so that you don’t have to. Even while the world was upside-down I was reading patch notes and adding more Google devices to my apartment!

To help you get exactly what you want out of my Google Mastery and your Google Workspace, I offer these handy service bundles

Google Workspace Administrative Support

Google Workspace (previously G-Suite) has matured into a rich platform featuring an array of tools and applications to help businesses of all sizes. These tools best serve your business when you have a knowledgeable and experienced administrator. With the Administrative Support package I handle your Workspace administration and support you when issues arise. This package includes monthly maintenance and support, as well as an open digital line of communication.

Google Workspace + Drive Realignment

So many of us have been there --when you started your business, it was a hobby or side hustle. You used a free @gmail, but now you’ve got a real business, with 3 Google Drives, 2 emails, and a website that all need to be connected and cleaned up! Sound daunting? No problem! Together we can assess your situation, come up with an action plan, and get all of your resources into tip top shape. Everyone wins!!

Domain and Email Management

Your domain is often a hidden backbone in your business -- from controlling your website, email, and how other integrated services function, it’s critical to have these services configured properly. With Google Domains, Workspace and a crafty thinker, a few well purchased domains combined with Gmail Alises gives you a virtual army of email addresses ready to send to your heart's desire.

Long Term Digital Q&A Availability

Just wanna be able to have a Batphone style connection with me? Sure! I set up a Google Chat Space dedicated to answering your Google Q&A’s. I even start to preemptively send you things if I know they’ll interest you!

Supporting Services

My supporting services are just as they sound, they support my Google Mastery for you and your business.

To truly maximize your investment in Google Workspace, I offer these:

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"Drake with Drake Austin Consulting is smart, innovative and helpful. He's always looking for ways to bring you more value with the tools you're already using."

- Maureen Jann

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These are services that are requested and most frequently bundled together along with a project goal.

So what are your project goals?