Google Services

So obviously I'm a bit Google Obsessed.... I’ve been obsessed with Google since my young days, Google Earthing my house in high school.

Since then, I’ve:

  • Beta tested apps & services before their release

  • Currently enrolled in over 15 early access builds of Google Apps and Services

  • Have been in several research groups, communities & exclusive events

  • Has gotten Google Workspace (Gsuite) & Cloud certified

  • Was awarded a Grow With Google scholarship

  • Has their phones and devices scattered around my apartment

  • Am constantly looking for new ways to push every boundary of every app and service they offer.

Google Master Services

The Google Master is IN! Need the whole gambit of services?

Google My Business

Lets get your business the local attention it deserves!

Google Workspace Optimization

So you've already got some Google Gears in play but need a tune up!

Workspace Workshops

With new features, comes new understanding. Keep your team updated with UX features!

Supporting Services

My supporting services are just as they sound, they support my Google Goals for you and your business.

  • These are the service packages where I go into negotiations for using apps/services outside the Google Ecosystem to automate systems for you.

  • Maybe your policy & procedures are a little dusty?

  • Or maybe you find you'd like to keep me on retainer and be able to have 24 hour text access to a Google Master?

Task Automation

Works hard, hence work. But great news, you can offload tedious tasks to happy little clouds of your own design. Lets lighten your load.

Policy & Procedure Optimization

I grew up being "That guy" you know the one, he's around for like 15 minuets notices something and his one suggestion changed the way works been done since. So, let me see what I can notice.

Digital Concierge

Virtual Assistants have set tasks and realms of specialists, but Digital Concierges are a wild card. Have someone on call to answer your questions!

✨Glowing Reviews✨

"Drake with Drake Austin Consulting is smart, innovative and helpful. He's always looking for ways to bring you more value with the tools you're already using."

- Maureen Jann

NeoLuxe Marketing

Not sold yet?

Well then lets meet, because if my fantastic services can't wow you, my sparkling personality will!

I LOVE hearing about peoples "pebbles" that one little thing like a pebble in your shoe that just kinda messes everything up.