What in holy buzzwords Batman?

Now hear me out, it’s a skill I have and love. I excel at making Google work in new and better ways.

But not just Google. I keep my eyes open for sales from everywhere, like HumbleBundle or AppSumo. I’m actually quite the trufflepig when it comes to lifetime deals for apps that serve real purpose in your tech stack.

So when you, an SBO, or team need an outside consultant -- someone who excels with big ideas and out of the box thinking should be your first go to!

That’s me, your friendly neighborhood Google Master!

You might be thinking, “Google can’t be the solution for everything!” And sure, it’s not the answer for absolutely EVERYTHING, but as a Google Master I can typically suss out a G-branded solution for the majority of your operational headaches.. I watch digital trends, and have an array of network contacts to help poll for ideas and data to help design effective, custom-crafted solutions.

My mind hasn’t been in a box in a long time, and brain storms aren't caused by climate change (at least mine aren’t)...