Digital Concierge


Pebble in your shoe?

You're picking up speed and finding your pace. The sun's shining and you've totally got this! Except there's this one thing..... It just keeps demanding from you. It's not a vital issue, it's just taxing because you know if it wasn't there, literally everything would be perfect.

So what is it?
What's your thing?

What's the pebble in your shoe?

Your own help desk

Just as it sounds, Digital Concierge Services are the premier white glove level of my services. They encompass everything I've learned in life and are at your disposal, with few limitations.

Your Digital Concierge

Don't just want a project or one off relationship? Put me on retainer and have me in your ear whenever you need me. A dedicated chat channel and office hours allow me to support you with any digital task or answer you need or could see yourself needing. A sliding monthly support tier allows you to pick my brain as often as you need!

Where to begin

The Pebble in the Shoe consultation is a free 30 minute meeting where I put you on a digital couch and listen to what's going on.

And Then

I come back with a proposal and outline on how to solve your problem.


it can be a quick fix with a new App integration recommendation.

other times

it can be a personalized project that's made to fix your unique need.

Every time

I strive for utmost satisfaction, and perfection in all that I do, advice I give and projects I oversee. No matter what your needs and satisfaction are a top priority.

✨Glowing Reviews✨

"Drake with Drake Austin Consulting is smart, innovative and helpful. He's always looking for ways to bring you more value with the tools you're already using.

And if you do need additional tools, he can help you identify the best ones for your needs."

- Maureen Jann

NeoLuxe Marketing

Have a pebble?

Tell me about your pebble!

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