Are you ready to become a Google Gearhead?

Going from beginner to pro can feel like a daunting endeavor, but it’s time to pick up your cogs and prepare to learn a trick or two!

Think of me as your own personal Yoda - here to teach you what you must know and always be there to support you in your time of need.

To get the results you crave, you must learn the tricks and tools of your trade! And the things I teach you are drawn from years of experience and training with Google Specialists of all kinds from all over the interwebs.

Enter my Google Educational Actvity Remote Seminar, or GEARS as I affectionately call them!

So what is an G.E.A.R.S?

Google: First I’ll have a huddle with you and your team to see what app or services we'll be working on.

Educational: Then I'll give you a "pop" quiz, a practical live example to see how you and your team use the app. This will let me know what not to go over and then I get to go over everything else I know about the app in question.

Activity: I'll have a technical challenge to see what you and your team learned, after that a Q&A.

Remote: All this will take place on the interwebs via Google Meet!

Seminar: This is a part of a many geared machine, there's always another GEARS to be had for you and your team.

  • They are super useful and highly effective micro master classes!

  • They are maximum of 2 hours long

  • They are focused as a single course on one app, or as a series for a group of apps (Google Drive+Docs/Sheets/Slides)

what comes with an G.E.A.R.S?

You'll get a PDF handout for the app/service as well as a resources page of useful links and a help button for you to email me about the problem in question!

While the apps have changed, they’re all for the better, you just need to be shown their potential for you and your team to maximize use efficiency and become Google Gearheads.

Once you go through the course, the link to the resource page will live on and be updated to regularly reflect patch notes and quality of life upgrades!

Are you and your team ready for your GEARS?