Why should I care about Google My Business Business Profiles

Google Business Profiles seem almost like an unnecessary after thought. You've got your profiles on Facebook & Twitter. Maybe even you've gone as far as LinkedIn or Instagram. That's not enough, some people don't use social media, let alone is a friend or follows you. With the release of the Pixel 6, Google has 7 Million phones ready to spring into action with all of its latest technology.

When those users swipe left on their home screens they see a "Discovery" feed that is also used in the last major two Android builds which is comparatively half the American smartphone market. But, even if they use iPhones, Apple uses Google as their default search engine for web searches and Siri request. Just claiming your Google Business Profile makes you have access to literally every person who owns a smartphone.

Using GBP gives you the ability to not just tell them when your open, but your services, your menu and then places that info and photos on Google Maps. Google has cataloged your business, are you going to let it gather information from your competitors and algorithms? Or are you gonna lean into these tools and dominate the market?

What can Google Business Profiles do to help

my business?

It gives you complete control of any of the information anyone see's about your businesses official Google Search Result.

You get the ability to respond to customer reviews

You get the ability of "Insights" to see what people do when they Google you.

The ability to post photos, videos and even virtual tours of your facility, or staff profiles.

Just like you can boost a post on Facebook, posting on your Google Business Profile will allow you to makes your ads or offers into official Google Ads that can run in relevant or geolocated search results.

When it comes to Google Business Profiles (previously Google My Business) there is a LOT of info out there about how to approach this amazing tool.

So much so I complied what I felt was most relevant and made a hand dandy little eBook! What started as a simple handout ran into a 20 pages of relevant and updated info.

Take a look!

Still Skeptical?

Let's go over your Google Business Profile Settings!

Google My Business is a free service that is growing as vital as Facebook. If you don't have one, you should! I'll tell you why and more in this 30 min free lesson all about what you need to get started.