Google Master


You need a Google Master in your corner!

I'm a self proclaimed "Google Master" because I'm a Certified G-Suite App Specialist, as well as a pending Google Partner.

I am a huge Google Nerd that knows WAY too much about the apps, products and services that make up the Google Family.

This makes me a prime candidate for all your Project Management and Business Development needs with over a decade of experience at your disposal.

Starting a new business is scary, and comes with a slew of digital responsibilities and properties that can be overlooked or worse, over priced.

As a consultant, I work for you to do the most digitally for your business. I don't make money if you don't, unlike most others who are just looking to sell and push I want you to understand that hiring me is making an investment in yourself and the future of your business.

I'm just getting started

Basic consulting services

  • Digital Property Management - Every website or social media account you make, you're making a tiny manifestation of your business. A Digital Property. Each time someone Googles you, how many of those will they find? While yes you want them to find ALL of them. The one that matters most is your primary Google Search Result, your Business Profile.

  • Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - When people search for your business on their Phone/Computer, make sure the right information is listed. Updated holiday hours and more!

  • Online Advertising - I'll give you the lay of the land of Googles advertising possibility. While I don't personally do marketing or advertising, I know some AMAZING Partners!

  • Startup Assistance - Maybe you haven't even started a business yet. I have personal legal and financial contacts that can help you file your LLC/LLLP and more. Take a dream and lets make it a reality!

I already have a business

More advanced services

  • Hardware Updates - What PoS systems are best now? Which have limited fees but allow you to have free rewards programs, and access to your clients emails and phone numbers to send sale information to? Which would be the best for your business? Allow me to help break down your options.

  • Automate your days - With tools like Smart Speakers and TV's you can turn your storefront into an automated process for peak efficiency and time management.

  • Websites and Systems -"Wow that's expensive" Websites don't have to be as complicated as most companies will make you think anymore.

    • Want a new site and the know how to run and update it yourself?

    • How about I make a new one and you just send me things to update it?

    • Or I can automate a whole advertising program each month.

    • Go as far as make your own "Hey Google, lets book an appointment at ____" command, it easier than you think!

I want to start a blog!

Google + Blogger to the Rescue!

  • Digital Property Management - With blogs there are two basic properties, your Domain and your blog. Google's got you covered!

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - When people search for your blog on their Phone/Computer, make sure the right information is listed. Can even track live views in Google Analytics I can show you!

  • Online Advertising - With Google it's easy to make revenue off your blog with topic adjacent ads from verified Google contracts.

  • Setup Assistance - Blogger has changed and evolved beautifully over this last year, but in case you wanna get crazy, there's always options! Theme's and more, I can help make the blog of your dreams.

Let's Set Up your suite new workspace

Google can run like a swiss watch, if you know what to click