Policy & Procedure


  • Do you ever just wish things could be better?

  • Why doesn't "that" work like it used to?

  • "Surely someone has made a better alternative than this"?

They probably have

But it's not your job to be on the the hunt for what works best with what. It's not your job to study blogs, trends and betas to be "in the know" of this modern wizardry. It's not your job to invent the car, to get where you need to go.


So let me study what's going on and give you some modern updates, or in the extreme case, gut it all and get something shiny and new! But in all seriousness, it's hard to know what's safe and who's going to be around in a year or two. Investing in your digital policies and procedures is vital in not just the management of your team, but your time and safety.

Update your systems and thinking regularly

Systems and apps get updates all the time, but do you? Does your mind? Sadly, not like a computers. So sometimes because we're not aware an update is coming, a policy or procedure can be forced to change, or you change how it's processed.

But what happens after that? That sudden change or update is now an irritation to you, or maybe it would be easier if it just, "worked like this", or "looked like that".

Sometimes in a rush people turn something off by accident, it isn't until there's an issue we find out those notifications were important.

Maybe you just don't fully understand what you're using and just need a hand.


So let me handle it. Let me take a look, tell me where it hurts and we'll fix this together!

✨Glowing Reviews✨

Don't take my word for it!

"Drake provided Google Solutions that used our existing platforms to solve several other organizational problems. I work in digital marketing and didn't even know all these options."

- Rianna M. Hill

Wanna hear more??

Tell me about your policies and procedures. What's working? What isn't working?