Tedious task got you down?

So you've got a new client, YAY!

  • But now you have to send the contract, wait, where did the draft go for on-boarding packet??

  • Did you spell everything right?

  • Now don't forget to invoice with their new client number!

Tired of tasks drowning your day? Automate it!

Why do, what can be done by the cloud with the push of a button?

Lets build your cloud and get you doing better things with your time.

Voice Automation

"Hey Google, set an appointment at {Your Business}

Voice automation and task are one of the largest and fastest growing markets in marketing & technology.

But don't believe it's unattainable or too expensive to develop for your small business. We can make the Google Assistant work for you and your business, it's pretty suite.


Personalize a contract, NDA, Invoice, 10-99 and more by just inputting the vital information.

It's that simple!

Online Orders

Customers submits an order ticket, you prepare the order. They pick it up, pay and go.

It's that simple!


Have a service you love outside the G family? No problem, lets get it connected and working with you cloud.

It's that simple!

✨Glowing Reviews✨

Don't take my word for it!

"He's a wizard at helping you automate processes and can help you take your business to the next level."

- Maureen Jann

NeoLuxe Marketing

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