Online Ordering

Back in the day, having online to-go orders meant you had to have a corporate partner or expensive machines.

Cut out the 3rd party delivery services with your own online order form!

With the tools of today, it's never been easier!

Get online ordering set up for your business today!

Using the G-Suite, online ordering is easy for you and your staff, but even easier for customers, here's how:

Order Placed

Your clients go to an online form, there they enter their order. Upon completion, their order ticket is submitted.

Order Received

The ticket is then sent to any and all relevant computers/email addresses.


With ticket in digital or physical hand, you/your staff can prepare the order and have it ready for the customer.


Once ready, contact the customer telling them their order is ready for pick-up

What Online Ordering is & is NOT

  • Online Ordering is a simple digital solution that allows you to upload your current offerings into a Form. When customers fill it out, they're placing an order, nothing more.

  • Their information (Who they are, when they'd like the product, their contact information) is provided to you.

  • Customers put in an order, your location receives the order via email.

  • This program and automation DOES NOT include any kind of billing or online sale portal.

  • There are NO transactions involved in this ordering. So no billing information is input by anyone.

  • You will still have to complete financial transactions in the manner most favored by your business.

Want to get your menu online and let your customers start ordering online?